1018 LED Neon Flex LightsProduct No.: AH-10NE2835-24-120
1018 LED Neon Flex LightsProduct No.: AH-10NE2835-24-120


Product NumberAH-10NE2835-24-120 for single color
AH-10NE5050RGB-24-60 for RGB
AH-10NE5050WRGB-24-60 for RGBW
AH-10NE5050DMX-24-56 for DMX RGB
AH-10NE2110TW-24-240 for Tunable White
LED TypeSMD2835(single color); SMD5050(RGB and RGBW); SMD2110(Tunable White)
LED ChipEpistar
LED Quantity120LEDs/Meter (36LEDs/ft), 600LEDs per Reel for single color
60LEDs/Meter (18LEDs/ft), 300LEDs per Reel for RGB and RGBW
56LEDs/Meter (17LEDs/ft), 280LEDs per Reel for DMX RGB
240LEDs/Meter (73LEDs/ft), 1200LEDs per reel for Tunable White
LED Strip Length5Meters (16.4ft) per reel
LED Pitch (Distance between LEDs)8.33mm (0.33in) for single color
16.67mm (0.66in) for RGB and RGBW
17.85mm (0.70in) for DMX RGB
4.16mm (0.16in) for Tunable White
Minimum Cutting Length50mm (1.97in) at DC24V for single color
100mm (3.94in) at DC24V for RGB and RGBW
125mm (4.92in) at DC24V for DMX RGB
50mm (1.96in) at DC24V for Tunable White
LEDs Quantity per Cut6LEDs at DC24V for single color, RGB and RGBW
7LEDs at DC24V for DMX RGB
12LEDs at DC24V for Tunable White
PCB ColorWhite
Size:10*18mm (0.39*0.71in)
Wire Length350mm (13.78in)


Input Voltage DC24V
Working Current 0.58A/Meter (0.18A/ft) at DC24V for single color
0.60A/Meter (0.18A/ft) at DC24V for RGB and RGBW
0.50A/Meter (0.15A/ft) at DC24V for DMX RGB
1.25A/Meter (0.38A/ft) at DC24V for Tunable White
Wattage 14W/Meter (4.27W/ft), 70W per reel for single color
14.4W/Meter (4.39W/ft), 72W per reel for RGB and RGBW
12W/Meter (3.65W/ft), 60W per reel for DMX RGB
19.2W/Meter (5.85W/ft), 96W per reel for Tunable White
CRI (Color Rendering Index) 80+, 90+
MacAdam Ellipse 3 step or 5 step (+/-100K)
To ensure color consistency, always use one BIN LED only
Efficiency 60 Lumens per watt (+/-10%)
Luminous Flux (White) 910-1050Lumen/Meter (277-320lm/ft) for single color
320-350Lumen/Meter (97-106lm/ft) for Tunable White
Color Temperature (White) Warm White: 1800K, 2200K, 2400K, 2700K, 3000K
Natural White: 4000K, 5000K
Cool White: 6000K 8000K 10000K
(Intensity measured in mcd not lumens)
Red(620-623nm), Green(520-523nm)
Blue(458-460nm), Yellow(587-590nm)
Amber/Orange(602-605nm), Purple(400-403nm)
UV(Blacklight) [365-370nm, 395-400nm]
Pink (no wavelength, mixture of red and purple)
R: 620-630nm
G: 525-528nm
B: 465-468nm
Dimmable 0-100% Dimmable
Beam Angle 120 degree
IP Rating Suitable locations IP67 Silicone tube extrusion
Product Number on IP Rating IP67: AH-10NE2835-24-120 for single color (Silicone tube extrusion)
IP67: AH-10NE5050RGB-24-60 for RGB (Silicone tube extrusion)
IP67: AH-10NE5050WRGB-24-60 for RGBW (Silicone tube extrusion)
IP67: AH-10NE5050DMX-24-56 for DMX RGB (Silicone tube extrusion)
IP67: AH-10NE2110TW-24-240 for Tunable White (Silicone tube extrusion)
Operating Temperature  -20°C ~ +50 °C / (-4 °F ~ +122 °F)
Adhesive Backing 3M™ adhesive tape on the strip’s backside (self adhesive)
Mounting method Mounting clips for IP67
End caps: 5pcs per Reel (Optional)
Mounting clips: 10pcs per Reel ( Optional)
UV Emission No
Certifications UL Listed (cUL, ULus), use Class 2 power supply
CE (Issued by TUV Rheinland )
RoHS Compliant, Lead free
LM-80 on SMD (9000hours test)
Lifetime  50,000 Hours. Low lumen depreciation
Warranty 5 Years

We strongly recommend mounting flexible led strip lights inside aluminium profile for good heatsink and prolong LED’s lifetime. 

In order to keep even brightness on all reels, we strongly recommend feed power from both ends when connect chain of LED strips. 

Maximum length of connection led strips: 10Meters.

All specifications are subject to change without notice.


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