LED Ceiling Light Ultra ThinProduct No.: AH-CP200Y-12
LED Ceiling Light Ultra ThinProduct No.: AH-CP200Y-12

Ultra slim (26mm/1.02") LED Ceiling Light

Lasts 20 times longer than traditional recessed lighting bulbs, perfect choice for new construction and remodel housings.

Mitsubishi Light Guide Plate with laser dot.

Fine polished powder coating housing by utilizing Aluminum-Alloy Die Casting ASTM B-85-03 / ADC12(Al-Si-Cu A383).

Back cover: 1070 Aluminum, Corrosion Resistance, High Plasticity and Thermal conductivity.

Steel spring clips hold trim to the ceiling.

Tightest space and shallow ceilings design require 26mm (1 inches) to install.

Airtight and IC (Insulation Contact) rated by ETL, allows for direct contact with Heat Insulation Cotton after installation, helps keep residential and commercial applications insulated and Energy Efficient. 

LED Ceiling Light Details

LED Type High Power SMD 2835 LEDs
Color Rendering Index (CRI) CRI 80+, CRI 90+, CRI 95+
Color Temperature 2400K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6000K
Housing color White, Silver, Black, Brown, Gold
Beam Angle 120 Degrees
Dimmable 0-100% Dimmable
Operating Temperature  -20°C ~ +50 °C / (-4 °F ~ +122 °F)
Lifetime  50,000 Hours
Warranty 5 Years
Suitable Uses Dry or Damp Locations
LED Ceiling Light
ETLus Listed, cETL Listed, CE RoHS

Constant Voltage type DC24V, Constant Current version, RGB version are available. Fixture tall: 26mm (1.02inch)

Constant Voltage Type

Product NumberWattageLumen
Cutout Size
AH-CP095Y-55Watt307lm95mm / 3.74inch80-85mm/3.15-3.35inchDC24V210mA
AH-CP140Y-88Watt610lm140mm / 5.51inch115-125mm/4.53-4.92inch330mA
AH-CP170Y-1111Watt857lm170mm / 6.69inch145-155mm/5.71-6.10inch450mA
AH-CP200Y-1212Watt980lm200mm / 7.87inch180-185mm/7.09-7.28inch500mA
AH-CP275Y-1818Watt1623lm275mm / 10.83inch250-260mm/9.84-10.24inch750mA
AH-CP330Y-3030Watt3000lm330mm / 12.99inch310-315mm/12.20-12.40inch1250mA

Constant Current Type

Product NumberWattageLumenDimension
Cutout Size
AH-CP095Y-5CC5Watt307lm95mm / 3.74inch80-85mm/3.15-3.35inchDC18-20V270mA
AH-CP140Y-8CC8Watt610lm140mm / 5.51inch115-125mm/4.53-4.92inchDC21-23V350mA
AH-CP170Y-11CC11Watt857lm170mm / 6.69inch145-155mm/5.71-6.10inchDC27-31V350mA
AH-CP200Y-12CC12Watt980lm200mm / 7.87inch180-185mm/7.09-7.28inchDC30-33V350mA
AH-CP275Y-18CC18Watt1623lm275mm / 10.83inch250-260mm/9.84-10.24inchDC32-35V500mA
AH-CP330Y-30CC30Watt3000lm330mm / 12.99inch310-315mm/12.20-12.40inchDC33-38V750mA

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