This instruction can be used as a model for any type of strip, like RGB led strip lights, color-chasing RGB, waterproof LED light strips, single color led strip lights.

(I) Heat 30W-60W temperature adjustable soldering iron at 260°-300°C / (500°-600°F).
Use thin rosin core solder, wet sponge for cleaning the tip solder iron.

(II) Tin stranded RGB wire, Red/Black wire, Red&White/White wire, Brown/Blue. 

(III) Tin the solder pads on the strip, make sure the solder pads are not overlapping.

(IV) Make sure LED Strip light does not move during soldering.
Melt tinned wire and solder points together, ‘Red, Green, Blue, White’ wire is one-to-one match on the PCB printed graphics ‘R G B +’.
For single color: Red: + (positive); Black: – (negative).
Red&White: + (positive); White: – (negative).
Brown:+ (positive); Blue: – (negative).

(V) Clean soldering pad, no overlapping tin and test the strips.

(VI) Peel off 3M adhesive, put on heat-shrinkable tube, use heat gun to contract. 

 (heat shrinking tube is optional, to protect solder joints well.)